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Colors is a common feature on eXtreme Stunting server. Colors may be added to car names, house name or the player username. There are lots of different colors that can be used, player can either just write the name of the color (for example. red) or type color code. (such as #FF0000)


You may add colors to the private car's Personal Texts and plate texts, and House texts can also contain colors.
To add a color, you need to add RRGGBB code in brackets, like this: "{RRGGBB}".
RR is the red value, GG is the green, and BB is the blue.
The values of the red, the green and the blue stretches from 00 to FF. (00, 01, 02, 03, ...., 97, 98, 99, AA, AB, AC, ....,FA, FB, FC, FD, FE, FF)
The colors should be placed inside the text, like shown:
"Test {FF0000}Text"
Color text.png

Example Colors:[edit]

  • {FF0000} - RED (We have maximum of red here, no green and no blue values. This makes the color red)
  • {00FF00} - GREEN (No red or blue is added here. We only added green)
  • {55FF55} - BRIGHT GREEN (We added a bit of Red and blue, while we use the maximum green. it makes it brighter - check the green in the picture above)
  • {FFFFFF} - WHITE (We added everything we could, and all colors means bright, pure white.)

Please also use Colorpicker here: - it returns #RRGGBB.