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Simen, better known by his in game name denNorske (also stylized as DenNorske) is a eXtreme StuntinG owner, scripter, developer and designer.

The main developer and server owner[edit]

About the name[edit]

denNorske means The Norwegian in English, and was a bad attempt to gain Norwegian friends back in 2011. As time passed by, more and more people started to get familiar with the name, and it's highly possible that noone else had taken it. Since then denNorske has been named a few other things, but always gone back to his original name.
Some of the names he has used:

  • Spunky
  • Airplanesimen
  • Denny
  • Ducky

At the moment, denNorske plans to keep his name forever, and will not give it away to anyone.

About denNorske[edit]

denNorske comes from Norway, which is located in northern Europe. It's timezone is CET, and denNorske's hometown is above the polar circle. That means he has midnight sun during the summers, and pretty dark winter months.
He also loves to do downhill skiing, play football, handball, and last but not least; script and play SA-MP.
Right now he is currently studying Survey Engineering, and will start in a job during June 2017, making him go a bit more inactive than before.
denNorske is a friendly guy, that enjoys to connect with new people. He is polite, helpful and also person you can trust. Sometimes he even give more time to other people than himself, leaving him hungry and without sleep sometimes.
Even though Simen might not be active on the server, he scripts and codes the server to make it better and better everyday (or updates wiki and forums..).


  • According to a well known and familiar source, User:LucasTexasTV, denNorske is considered being a LA Slut, after a history written about the chickens in San Andreas.
  • Ducks are great, and never doubt their ability to quack loudly when everyone is silent on discord.
  • Whenever you need to talk to someone, denNorske is a good listener. He has a good heart and respects everyone that respects him.
  • This duck is special, he can script for SA-MP with his flappy feet. Also, his footes are great, according to another owner (Skeenky)
  • Due to an obviously serious post that User:Truxy created, "'Exposing denNorske'", in which denNorske is exposed for being a Norwegian bear luring poor ducks to eat, he is currently being tracked down by a couple of eS members. All the members involved are getting their hands on a hunting permit in Norway and a bolt-action Remington 700 rifle anytime soon. The name 'Ducky' is simply an alias. The operation in which denNorske is going to be kidnapped and interrogated is called 'Operation hairyNorske'. To all the poor ducks trusting denNorske - be aware of what I just said.