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There is one indisputable benefit of the internet, which is that anyone with a proper internet connection regardless of location can connect with each other. It’s like the vastness of the world has disappeared in a sense you no longer need to travel thousands of miles in order to talk to someone from a different country or continent. On top of that, with the release of 3D multiplayer videogames, whole communities can be formed of which the members can have fun together in the created virtual environment. The possibilities are endless. This community is no different.


First days of eS[edit]

The history of eS has begun to realize way before the actual opening or release in May 15, 2011. It goes back into late 2010 and early 2011 when the old team started to form on IRC. That’s when two friends, both having some experience in development, decided to create a big project together. The accomplishment of that project is what you can see with your eyes at this very moment. It started out slow. The maps weren’t as filled with objects and we didn’t have as much features, however that wasn’t in our way to have loads of fun and create unforgettable memories together. Things started to expand when the SAFPI system emerged, we had more than a couple administrators and our playerbase consisted of more than a hundred players. Contrary to the hopes and expectations of Jay (Funtime) and ColaZero (King), the two friends who started this whole thing out, it has been a constant growth and expansion ever since.

Later in 2011, the server had an unforeseen moment of shutdown, the outlook wasn’t good. The server had been down for months until in 2011 December, thanks to the heavenly touch of our cat goddess, it had arisen from the death. We lost about half of the community, but it was also the beginning of the first update, also known as v2. We started to get closer, and became a family with members who help each other out without seeking anything in exchange. This act of selflessness is one of the things that led to what you see today.


The ’era’ of v2 is considered to be highlight of our history. The staff consisted of more than 30 members, our cops were doing everything they had in mind to catch those who break the law. That took a huge part of their time, thanks to the presence of a now extinct gang known as ’The Clowns’. They were constantly using everything they had in their arsenal to get in the way of our league of justice, a.k.a the ’San Andreas Federal Police Investigation’. That was also the time when we organized an unrepeable event of ’Duel Tournament’. Dozens on players kept signing and signing, eventually creating numerous four-man teams to battle each other. There occured many more unforgettable moments in the form of events, races, chases, the list just keeps getting longer. Apart from people from countries all over the world, mutual-origin communities had started to materialize with spanish and Indonesian being the dominant ones. However it’s no use dwelling in the past. Instead, we use these past experiences as an inspiration to keep going, no matter the obstacle.


v3 was at first in production mid-2012, but due to data loss locally on a computer, all server files were lost, and had to be built back up from 0. Jay, Cola worked hard with the scripts, while denNorske, leet and a few others mapped all they could in order to release a version 3. After many hours, and unforgettable moments, v3 was ready. v3 came in 2013, June, and introduced many unique features, beautiful creations.


A year later we had seen the start of v4, making practically half of eS history with it’s release during the early spring of 2014 and it’s dismissal around April the 29th, 2017. Many big Staff-related changes occured during v4. People left, others went silent. During the worst period, the server was transferred over to a new developer of the community, and ColaZero was never to be seen again. With many important members in the community, denNorske took care and made sure eS was to become one of the biggest server on 0.3e again. This despite the fact that almost everything was against us for a period, we're still alive today, growing even bigger than before. Frequent bug updates and the release of new features made people excited for a new start, making people stick around.


Our newest renewal, with which we have been teased for more than a year, was released 28th April 2017. It introduces us to many, many new features, maps, races, dms, house and a property system, and even more we are yet to even begin to comprehend. As time goes by, it's planned many more updates.


In order to close up the summarization, we definitely had our ups and down. We lost great people, although the memories still live. With that I would like to finish this with our motto: „Nothing lasts forever”.